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Pool Remodeling, Renovation, & Repair

Dolphin Pool & Spa 

We'll Get You Wet

Dolphin Pool & Spa offers the ultimate pool remodeling experience. We desire to infuse exuberance and life into your backyard pool area. For us, a satisfied happy customer is the only definition of a project well done. Let us compete for your outdoor happiness - your business.

Our Remodeling Promise
From the start of the design phase, through the demolition, plumbing, and construction phases, our professionals will never cut a corner or quick fix a problem. We will treat your swimming pool as if it was our own and provide squeaky clean communication each step of the way. 

Already have big plans for your pool renovation thought out? Well, hand your vision over to us!

 Popular Reasons Michigan Residents Remodel:

  • Add new pool features
  • Update decking, and tile
  • Improve energy efficiency
  • Create an entertaining space
  • Create a fitness environment
  • Apply new pool finishes
  • Convert pool to mineral water system

Additional Pool Features
The list of possible pool feature additions today is boundless! We strive to provide expertise in any feature our customers’ desire in their dream compositions. Below is a list of common additions we know well and do install:

  • Pool Automation
  • Pool Heaters
  • Tanning Ledges
  • Fireplace & fire pit
  • Fountains
  • Spas & hot tubs
  • Waterfalls
  • Stone pillars
  • Water slides
  • Baja steps
  • LED lighting features
  • Handrails
  • Beach entries

Pool Surface Styles, Finishes & Liners
Dolphin Pool & Spa can work with you to help choose that perfect pool surface so that you’ll be delighted with your swimming experience again - your feet will thank you.
Swimming Pool Coping
Installing new coping is the perfect complement to re-plastering your pool and nothing changes your pool’s appearance quite like a new border. Choosing a coping style is largely a design decision based on your overall plans for your backyard space. Dolphin Pool & Spa can install concrete coping, bullnose brick, safety grip coping, flagstone, or other custom stonework.
 Your Pool’s Decking
Really wanting to transform your backyard appearance and create an entertainment area? Then upgrading your pool’s deck is a must and Dolphin Pool & Spa knows decks. Poured concrete, decorative concrete, colored and stamped concrete, custom stonework, pavers, travertine, you name it and we have your pool ideas covered.

Swimming Pool Tiles
The right pool tiles can really transform the look of your pool and give it a unique, custom appearance. Dolphin Pool & Spa can help you choose the shape and color of a pool tile layout in any area of your pool. Some people dream of a bright glossy set of blue tiles to line the wall of their pool. Others want the more neutral strong look of earth tone tiles strategically placed around their pool space. Whatever your vision, we will bring it home.

Upgrading Swimming Pool Equipment
Have you noticed your pool becoming more and more difficult to keep clean over the years? It’s probably time to upgrade your pool filtration system. Have you ever liked the idea of a pool heater or pool automation features? These great upgrades all fall under the pool equipment category. Dolphin Pool & Spa can upgrade your pool equipment as its own project. However, these improvements are more commonly done in conjunction with improving other physical pool aspects in order to receive the longest term value. Learn more about our pool equipment upgrades.

Pool Plumbing Upgrades

Dolphin Pool & Spa commonly upgrades complete pool plumbing systems during pool deck renovations. After all, it makes perfect long-term sense to pour a new deck over new plumbing lines. Plumbing upgrades are also necessary for certain popular pool features such as fountains and waterfalls. When we lay your fresh new plumbing lines, ask about a new automatic fill line and a vacuum line for your pool sweep.