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@Ease® Floating System
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What type of water care system do I need/should I use for my hot tub/spa?” With so many different chemicals, water care systems, and ways to keep your hot tub clean it’s no wonder people ask the question.  Traditional hot tub systems, including saltwater hot tubs, utilize large amounts of chlorine which can leave your skin feeling dry and your clothes/ bathing suits faded, but now there’s a solution.

Cleaner because it kills bacteria in two ways, with a blend of sanitizing minerals and a low level of chlorine or bromine.

Clearer because it helps maintain pH balance and uses up to 50%* less chlorine or bromine for better water clarity

Softer because minerals condition the water for softness so it's easier on you and your pool or hot tub with no faded suits or smelly odors.

Easier because you never touch the chemicals with pre-filled containers that last longer for less work and are recyclable when empty.

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King Technology’s @Ease® Spa products are designed to keep your water clean and clear, while reducing your spas bromine and chlorine use by up to 50%*.  We call it Fresh Mineral Water™ because @Ease® products use a patented EPA approved mineral formula along with a low dose of chlorine leaving your spa water cleaner, clearer, and softer; without the hassle of measuring out and touching chemicals.  Designed for hot tubs up to 600 gallons @Ease® Spa products are perfect for any type of hot tub, whether it’s a portable hot tub, a stand alone in ground or connected to your in ground swimming pool.  To learn more about the King Technology’s @Ease® product line for hot tubs click on the products below.