Steel Inground Pools

Spend the whole day by the pool or in the pool. Nothing feels better at the end of a long hot Michigan day than relaxing in your Pool.

We offer Steel inground swimming pools manufactured by Latham Pool Products™ because they exceed in quality and offer the following benefits:
Ultra-durable construction
Latham’s factory-engineered steel wall panels are made of corrosion-resistant galvanized steel with unparalleled strength. Sturdy, heavy gauge galvanized steel braces around the entire pool provide solid support for pool walls.
Easier installation
When using a complete Latham steel pool kit, the pool can take as much as 75% less time to install as compared to other pool construction technologies.
Lifetime warranty
We’re so confident of the strength of our steel pools, we offer a one-time transferable, lifetime warranty of the pool wall structure.
Limitless size/shape combinations available, you can create a pool that fits every need, taste, and interest. 

Alpha Evolution Pools

What is it?

By utilizing the most advance construction methods and high-performance building materials, the Alpha Evolution offers homeowners, project managers, and independent contractors unlimited design options, quick installation, and a less expensive option to stainless steel, one-piece fiberglass, and gunite swimming pools.

How does it work?

A chemically etched process coupled with a specially formulated adhesive gasket system allows our Composite Panels to be tiled if desired and coated with a variety of finishing methods instead of using a vinyl liner; giving independent contractors and project managers the ability to build commercial pools and pools for homeowners who don't want a liner.