Our Story

Coffee Salesman to Pool Contractor.

From a young age, I knew I wanted to own my own business. I had no idea what that business would be but knew I’d work for myself one day.

It’s fitting that I became a contractor as my great grandfather helped build Yosemite Nation Park. My Grandfather was a Painter and my father, a Hot Tar Roofer. Construction runs in the family.

In high school, I was encouraged to go to college, not that I was a good student. That’s what they told everyone to do. After kicking around campus for a few years, I realized that it was not for me. I was off to my first construction job in Alaska.

After nearly three years in the last frontier, I moved and took a job with a small coffee startup in Wisconsin. This gave me the taste for owning my own business, and a newly acquired taste for coffee. Eventually, I moved back to my home town and returned to construction. I worked for a large sun-room company that also sold hot tubs.

I loved working with people and creating dream spaces for them but the hot tubs, swim spas and swimming pools interested me the most. Before long I was managing the hot tub division. I enjoyed several years there and did a lot of projects for big celebrities around Detroit. As the years went on, I became frustrated with burdensome corporate structure and the unwillingness to adapt and evolve to a changing market. It was time to go it on my own.

Not only had I decided to leave a secure job with steady pay I was going to move 200 miles north to do so. I found a suitable building in Houghton Lake, MI and opened. Business was good, after many successful years we, like most companies faced an uncertain economy, and then the market just collapsed. Eventually, the slow economy and the increasing demand to meet internet pricing had me facing the hard reality of closing my store. While working from home had its advantages, customers struggled to find me, and my business continued to suffer.

One day I was having a conversation with this gal who told me “you need a website” so she proceeded to build me one. She was right! Almost overnight business increased. She also taught me not to fear being undersold by the internet, by telling me over and over “the internet can’t do what you do.” We have become a full-time business, & life partners so much so that I asked her to marry me! She said YES! Dar is now our full-time marketing director. She is responsible for all of our advertising, marketing, and social media presence as well as provides endless support everywhere else.

Today our mission is simple, Work hard every day at fulfilling people’s backyard dreams whether it’s a $150,000 in-ground project or a $3,500 above ground pool. It’s the same dream for you and your family, and we appreciate your trust in us to fulfill your dreams.

Jeff Sink